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What Makes our Dental Practice Different From All the Rest?

If you are in the age range of 30 and older, you probably have fond memories of your family dentist. I know that I do, and so does my wife. It was the place you went every 6 months for your dental check up. You saw the same doctor each time and the same people worked there for years! There was consistency and continuity. It was a place of trust and experience. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder and harder to find a true family dentist. Many patients are not aware of the shift in the dental community that has evolved over the last several years, but large dental corporations have rapidly started to pop up into the landscape of our communities. These franchises are buying out single dentist practices and rebranding them under a corporately franchised name. In this type of dental model, it is typical that staff will come and go. In many cases, you may not see the same staff members or even the same dentist on your follow-up appointments, thus making it very difficult to develop a trusting doctor/patient relationship. In my opinion, this is paramount in building a quality dental practice.

When you walk into Michael J. LeBlanc Family Dentistry, that’s exactly who you see, Dr. LeBlanc. We believe that who you see matters.

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